To Teach is...Messy

& So much more! Teaching is my passion and it can be messy at times. My goal here is to help you make your work as a teacher a little less messy whenever possible.



My personal experience with assessments. What should and shouldn't be done.

An assessment should give us information about strengths and room for growth without putting the person into a single view of their capabilities. In other words, just because a student scores well on the math portion of the Northwest Evaluation Assessment (NWEA) doesn’t mean that is where their interests lie, and it doesn’t mean they should be labeled as the “math genius” for the remainder of their school career. Maybe that kid really wants to be an illustrator or a hairdresser. Ultimately, assessments aren’t everything, they are a component of what we do as educators, however, we need to look at the whole person.


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Daily Doodles for Teachers

My 2022 resolution was to keep a drawing diary, click HERE to see highlights of cartoons that Teachers may enjoy.